095: Erica Fit Love Interview

59 minutes

Erica is a mom, personal trainer and down 150 pounds! In this episode we discuss Erica's journey from not wanting to play with her son, to Women's Health next fitness star! Follow Erica here: https://www.ericafitlove.com/ https://www.instagram.com/ericafitlove/ 3:08 Have you always struggled with weight? 4:14 How did you get started? 8:25 Running your own gym 10:52 The journey of your clients 12:30 Being a coach 14:50 Women's Health 18:45 Can you believe your new life?? 20:41 Being real 25:22 Binge eating 30:04 Food shaming 34:22 What does your future look like? 42:05 What's your personal fitness & nutrition program? 46:50 Trigger foods 52:12 Dealing with haters

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