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Pound This® is here help educate, motivate, and entertain you on your health and wellness journey.

In this podcast, you'll find everything from nutrition, exercise, meal prep, fitness, wellness, workouts, life coaching, and mental health advice from experts, as well as from someone who has lived through it all and who can show you how a healthy lifestyle can actually be fun.

Amanda Valentine is down over 100 pounds and maintaining -- all through healthy lifestyle changes she made after a lifetime of obesity and yo-yo dieting.

To find meal prep recipes and more, visit AmandaValentineBites.com

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Entertaining and relatable

I’ve listened to a few health and fitness podcasts and none of them have been able to keep my attention or I haven’t been able to relate to them. But this podcast is the best! Entertaining and very informative! I find myself making sure I have a piece of paper and pen to write down tips and suggestions that are made by Amanda and her guests. And I’ve actually put into practice the things I’ve learned. I will for sure be a forever listener 😊


Hands down my favorite podcast!

I’ve been following Amanda on Instagram for almost a year now and her story is just incredibly motivating for people who feel like there’s “no hope” for them. Everything she talks about on this podcast is extremely raw and real, and I’m thankful every day she has been so open about her journey. I’ve listened to every single episode and every interview she does is just fun to listen to. I’ve learned so much in such a fun way, I recommend this podcast to EVERYONE.


The Best

I have never been into podcasts, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever listen to another one because I’m in love with this one! Amanda is so real and honest about her journey. It gives hope to those also on their own journey by knowing that even though she’s down 117 pounds, there are still hard days. She shows that with perseverance and love for yourself, you can make each day the best version of you. Thank you, Amanda!


About the Host

Amanda Valentine

Amanda Valentine

Pound This Host

Amanda Valentine is proof that dedication, passion, and strength can be ignited in anyone. Her positive messages of health and wellness are regularly promoted on the radio, on her podcast, and throughout social media, where audiences are always eager to hear more about her weekly meal prep process, daily fitness workouts, and her fun-loving outlook on life. Her genuine and engaging personality has also been heard on the radio for over 20 years, including being recognized as a CMA Award-winning radio personality. Amanda is not only lively and personable, she shows others how it is possible to change their lives, break old habits, and even have fun while doing it.

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